About the Parish

Founders of St Anthony of Padua

In The Beginning

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church was founded during the Civil War and has been a Parish in Dutchtown since Feb. 5, 1863.

During which time, more than 60,000 German immigrants, most of whom were Catholic, were living in the city of St. Louis.

Our Mission Statement

We, the members of St. Anthony of Padua Parish, strive to live out our faith as Christians in the Roman Catholic Church. Our mission is to continue the Franciscan tradition of living the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as instruments of peace in our community.

Influenced by Franciscan spirituality, we see ourselves as a caring community, drawing from the strength and tradition of those who have gone before us, the wisdom of our senior members, and the energy of our younger members. We see St. Anthony’s Church as a cornerstone in our changing neighborhood in South St. Louis. We believe that our faith is our common bond, that all of us are made in the image and likeness of God; and, as such, possess a dignity and potential that is to be respected. We are called to be signs of God’s love to each other and to all we meet.

We believe our strength and nourishment come from the Church’s ministry of Word and Sacrament. Having experienced God’s grace, we commit ourselves to announcing to others God’s saving love for them. We will face the future by reaching out and serving the needy, by fostering spiritual growth in our families, by educating our children in Christian values, by welcoming visitors and strangers into our community, and by joyfully facing the challenges of our neighborhood.

We value openness rather than negative criticism and reconciliation rather than materialism, selfishness and prejudice. We want to become a parish family with a care and concern that is characteristic of family members.

Our Values:

  • Recognizing Christ in all our neighbors by knowing and respecting their dignity and potential.
  • Being a sign of Christ’s love through outreach, service, and prayer for our neighbors in need.
  • Finding healing and strength through the celebration of the sacraments and emphasizing the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
  • Sharing the good news of Christ’s living presence in the world by welcoming others into Christ’s love.
  • Promoting peace through the pursuit of justice and reconciliation.
  • Providing formation, education, and spiritual guidance to grow with our brothers and sisters in faith.
  • Celebrating the diversity of our parish community as an example of the Catholic Church’s global mission.
  • Accepting the charge of All Things New by committing to the evangelization of all, especially those on the margins of society.
Inside church
Dutchtown Streets

Welcome to Dutchtown

Dutchtown is St. Louis’s most populous and densest neighborhood on the South Side of St. Louis, home to a lot of history and a changing future.

Dutchtown embraces the diversity of its neighbors and has plans to make it a better place to live for everyone regardless of race, economic status, religious background, or any other factor. Dutchtown has room for everyone who wants to be part of a strong neighborhood with a lot of momentum, so come visit us. There’s something for everyone in Dutchtown.

Join the Parish

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church would love for you to join our Parish.

Mass, faith formation opportunities, community celebrations, concerts – call or contact a member of the Parish staff to become part of the Parish. You can also click the button below to download our New Parishioner registration form, fill it out at your convenience, and bring it with you to the Church. Everyone’s welcome!

Inside St. Anthony of Padua